Black Forest carvings & other European carved furnishings


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#3098-  Fine Swiss black forest marquetry tilt top table,  c. ca. 1860 -1880.

 The circular top set with burlwood reserves and inlaid decoration embelished with pen-work,  the central reserve showing a group of chamois on a mountain top  ,the surrounding reserves with 4 edelweiss inlays  and 4 others showing a hunting dog , red deer,  roe deer and chamois .

 The tripod pedestal base made of  walnut decorated with carved edelweiss and acanthus
This Table comes in unrestored but sturdy condition as found and pictured ,  tilt hinges disabled

Dimensions : ca 24 inches diameter and 24 inches high

weight ca 7 kg

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Black Forest Cabinet 

# 2827-  Black Forest hanging cabinet /  wooden carved antique spice or herbarium cabinet, German 19th c.

Made and carved out of solid linden wood / limewood  with wine leafs and wine flowers decorated / vine, climb plant.

measurement app.:  16.4” wide x 28” high x 5.2” deep ( 41 cm. x 70 cm. x 13 cm. )

Condition:   The back board with shrinkage crack, traces of wear and age otherwise fine as shown.

Weight app.:  3,7 Kg.

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deer carved Black Forest rack# 2838- Pretty Black Forest woodcarving.  Coat rack / clothes hook.  Switzerland c. 1880/1890.

Made and carved out of walnut with hounds / dogs and deer with twigs and leaves.

 measurement app.:   32.8” long and 16” high ( ca. 82 cm x 40 cm )

Condition:  Minimale losses, hinges not the first. otherwise fine, as shown.      

weight app.: 1, 5 Kg

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carved breakfast tray 

# 2992 -  Black forest carved breakfast tray , German c.1900.  Carved out of oak wood decorated with vine.  metal grips.

Condition:  shrinking cracks and a fixed corner,  as shown.

Dimension app.:   21.6 “ long and 11.6 “ wide  ( 54 cm. x 29 cm. )

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Victorial shelf 

# 3019-   Victorian shelf / wall bracket carved out of solid oak in impressive design  with hanging Acanthus festoons.  stained and gilded. 

Condition: minor shrinkage cracks, surface conserved in very desirable condition without repairs, as shown

 Provenance/ Age: Bavaria c. ca. 1850. 

measurement app.:  15 inche wide, 12.5 inche high and 7.5 inche deep.

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Swiss carved frame

Black Forest frame, Switzerland dated 1910

Please click frames & mirrors   for more details about it.

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Art Nouveau carved hand mirror

# 2749 - Art Nouveau hand mirror  c.1890/1900.

wooden frame with carved girl face and flowers.

Condition: overpainted, mirror with usual traces of wear and age. otherwise fine.

measurement app.:   16” high.

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Black Forest  mirror 

# 2910- Beveled black forest mirror in wood carved frame, such is decorated with oak leaves, trunks, branches and with memorial shield referring to the years 1909-1912.  German provenance.

measurement app.:  31.6”  X  17.2”   ( 79 cm. X 43 cm.)

 Good sturdy condition, some details missing as shown .

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antique carved photo album# 3014-  Black forest photograph album

German 1890 /1900.

click  Photography   for more details

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wood carved deer sculpture 

#-2229- Black Forest carved  sculpture of a Stag.  Fine carving out of walnut, Switzerland c. 1900.

Condition: Several antler points and one ear point restored, as pictured.

measurement app.:   10.4” long and 9.8” high .   ( 26 cm.  x  24,5 cm.)

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Carved Cabinet, vine decor# 2330 -  Folk art hanging cabinet shape as a castle tower.  German origin c. ca. 1900.

Sawed and carved.  Vine decor to the front door panel, flowers and cloth on the merlons.

measurement app.:   25. 6” high, 12. 8” wide and 6” deep. (64 cm. x 32 cm x 15 cm) 

Comes in sturdy condition, usual traces of use and age.

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Tee caddy# 2195- Black forest Tea caddy c.1900

Made out of walnut with carved flowers

measurement app.:   5. 2” long x 5” wide  x 5. 4” high ( 13 cm. x 12, 5 cm x 13, 5 cm.)

Condition:  top bent, shrinking crack to the bottom and a missing little piece in a flower, as shown.  

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Carved Black Forest Frame 

# 2857-   Black Forest framed carved panel.  French 1850

Both made out of solid oak wood.  Shepherdess Scene / motif.  The frame climbing plant decorated. 

Dimesions app.:  21.6” wide,  26.4” high and  3 inches deep.

Condition:  panel with some losses and shrinking, as shown.

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Black Forest sewing table # 2882 - Black forest sewing table with carved floral elements and animal faces at the 4 corners.  Made out of limewood/ linden.

measurement app.:   16. 5” wide, 14. 5” deep and 33” high.

Condition:  Sturdy, no wormholes,   usual traces of use and age as shown.

Provenance/ Age:   German c. ca. 1900

Weight app.:  5 kg.

Sold !



Black Forest door bell # 2810-  Black forest three bells doorbell  / chime of bells in castle design with its original polychrome painted.  The lower tower with the coat of arms of Nuremberg at the front.  German, 19Th. C.

measurement app.:   15” high, 17” wide, 4” deep.

Condition:  string with knot as shown, usual traces of use and age but fine .

Weight app.:  2 kg

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carved inkwell  

# 2850-  Black Forest wood carved  Inkwell.  Carved out of walnut.  Switzerland c. ca. 1900.

Chamois herd standing on a rock with flowers, leaves and branches.

Condition:  Horn of the bigger chamois replaced minor shrinkage cracks as usual otherwise fine.

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# 2924-  Black Forest hanging cabinet, German c1900

 Made out of hardwood, the door richly carved all around with vine design ( wine leaves , grapes and twigs ) the central panel with drawing and colured.

Condition:  Sturdy, carvings still fine, drawing with a scratch, as shown.

measurement app.:  21.6” x 15.6” x 7.6”  ( 54cm. x 39 cm. x 19 cm.)

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