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Metalart Tankard Griffin or dragon German #2243-   Metal Art Oillamp / Tankard

Oil container shaped as  a griffin or dragon, with original flame extinguish,

German c1900,

None signature/  Erhard & Söhne in Schwäbisch Gmünd ?

Brass silver plated.  Comes  in still fine condition, as shown.

 measurement app.: 9.6” H. ( 24 cm.)

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Design  inspired  by  the so called “ Katzenelnbogischer Willkomm of the Gothic , lategothic time”  preserved in  Cassel Art Museum.



three legged candle holder Italy 17th C# 2123- Bronze Candle holder / candelstick, Italy 16th / 17 th Century

Baluster corpus on three paws / feet  base with drip bowl. Comes with  cracks at the baluster as shown, nevertheless strong, the iron screw which  run from  up to down to hold  the  entire  is  rusty.

Dimernsions app.:  14.4” high  ( 36 cm. )

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Art deco lampstand# 1758-  Art Deco table lamp, French 1920/1930

Made out of iron, original sockel. The lampshade not original to the lampstand. wired (for fürther use wiring must be checked or adapted to your country norm/standard.)

Conditon:  colour losses,  usual traces of age and wear.

Dimension app.:  44 cm high ( 17. 6” ) incl. the Glassshade.

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Art deco iron lamp# 2679- Wrought iron crown lamp four lights hanginglamp with original glass shades.

German c1930s  in neogothic style /Gothic revival.

Nice condition usuall traces of use and wear, newly rewired ( for further use wiring must be checked.)

Dimensions app.:  19” diameter  and  38” high

weight app.:   8 kg

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Rococo revival candlestick# 2404 -  Brass / bronze Candlestick,  Rococo style. France c. ca. 1900 s.

The table candle holder comes in still fine condition, usual traces of use and age, as shown.

Measurement app.:   21,5cm  ( 8 .6” ) high.

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table Candle holder 19th C# 2687 - Bronze / brass  candlestick with drip bowl,   German 19th C.

The table candle holder comes in still fine condition,  as shown.

Measurement app.:  17,5 cm ( 7” ) high . Drip Ø 10 cm. ( 4” )


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Hand Lanterns 17th C & 18th C# 2101 - Lot of two rare hand lanterns,  German origin 17th / 18th Century

The bigger brass lantern with damages and losses at the roof, the front glass old but not the first and at the inside the candleholder missing as shown.

The smaller iron lantern comes rusty but complete, with its original glass , which comes withh some damage at the edge as shown, otherweise fine.

Measurement app.:  18, 5 cm. high, bottom  Ø 9 cm.  and the Ø of the front glass  10, 8cm.  ( 7. 4” h. x 3 .6” and the front glass 4 ,32”. )

Price: $ 280 +delivery  


Lit.: Diderots encyclopaedia



Art deco iron lamp leaves design # 3039 - Four light Art Deco hanging lamp, German c.1920/1930.

Made out of iron leaves design.

Condition:  colour damage, unrewired.

Measurement app.:   

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Bronze candle holder 17th C # 1460 -  Bronze candle holder / candlestick.  German, Nuremberg 16th  / 17th C.

Baluster shaft  with drip bow

Measurement app.:  27 cm. ( 10, 8” ) high, bell shaped base Ø 9,5 cm. ( 3 .8” )

Condition: some old restoration at the base edge and minor loss at the spike the screw  thread there locked by corrosion  otherwise fine with nice patina  as shown .

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antique candlesticks Antique candlesticks  / candleholder and one  oil lamp from 17th Century up to 19th C.

The candlesticks comes with nornal traces of use and age, some of them with repairs  but still  in work condition, also the oil lamp.


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antler lamp# 2641 - Antler antler lamp, German c. ca. 1920 / 1930.

One red deer antler Art deco hanging lamp with forge iron flower and brass lampshade.  Comes unwired, otherwise fine.

Measurement app.:   

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# 2823-   Gargoyle lamp /  Ceiling lamp,  German or French 1920

with four Gargoyle and central tower,  all of wood and carved. original sokets still in.

Condition:  carvings without missing pieces, colour losses, remaining rests of the paper lampshades.  The lamp have to be wired again for further use.

Measurement app.:   

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Fallow deer antler lamp# 2880 -  Nice five light antler lamp, German c.1930

Built of several fallow buck / deer  antlers for six lights and  wood lathe turned chains.

Comes in still  fine condition, with the old wiring  ( for further use should be checked or changed to the Standard of your country )

Dimensions app.:  Ø  65 cm and 85 cm high ( Ø 26” and 34” high )




Black Forest carved hanging lamp# 2602 -  Wooden carved Black Forest hanging lamp

Ornamented with vine, German c. ca. 1920/1930

Comes with shrinkag cracks as pictured, the old wiring must be checked for further use, otherweise fine.

Dimensions app.:  53 cm high and  Ø 66 ,5 cm

 ( 21 .2”  x  26 .6” )

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saw work shadows lampshade #  2256 -  Shadows  lampshade, sawwork and parchment,  German 1920 / 1930

Made out of wood in octagonal shape, each panel with a diferent scene.  The figures are various, so we have small birds, eagle, duck, hares, Hunter and deer.

Condition:  minimale wood losses,  lower ring complete lost? wood movements, as shown.

Measurement app.:  48 cm. Ø  ( 19 .2” ).

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